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lördag 7 maj 2016

Only changing the point of view

I have been looking at my variegated ficus, hating how straight and boring it is. See the picture below from one year ago. Why should I make a tree like that?  But now I have decided I must change it, I will change the front. In the picture above you see the new front. I have cut the tree shorter and it is much more natural and alive. Now I like it again! Next time I repot it, it will also be put in the right place in the pot.

The last days have been warm and sunny, so the spring has really exploded! The snow has melted away from my outdoor trees, and the great thing is they look good! Not like last year when I had a bad spring-surprise in some brown dead pines.

The wild nature is still very grey,  but close to the house some flowers pop up and brighten up the colours!

And on our lake the last pieces of ice are floating around - will they be completely gone tomorrrow?

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