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onsdag 26 augusti 2015


Lindat några korta bitar och klippt bort några få blad. Nu börjar den likna nåt.

tisdag 18 augusti 2015


13.00.  One o'clock.
A hot and sunny day, finally in the end of summer!
And I am happy to have time to take care of my ficus - it is totally overgrown and the trunk is hidden in all the leaves!

14.00.  Two o'clock.
(I must remind myself to not keep this tree so triangular, must make it more rounded, like a leaf-tree.)

15.30.  Half past three.

The sun is still shining - and now the trunk is visible again!

lördag 8 augusti 2015

New pot, old tree

I have had this tree some years but not given it a proper pot. Until today!
It may not be the perfect pot, size, colour, shape etcetera, but better than the homemade concrete pot that I have used until now.
I know it is also not the perfect time for repotting, but I have only lifted the tree from the old pot and put it down in the new one. They are the same size.
(Below, the tree before repotting.)

Krukan har jag skickat efter från Bonsai & trädgård.

söndag 2 augusti 2015

More vacation

 I have not been only to the wild nature of Swedish Lapland this summer, but also a trip to Stockholm.
There I could enjoy trees of sorts that don't grow in my home area, like all the large oaks. This looks like a dead tree, but it has still a few live branches. It's called "The oak of Karl XII" - king of Sweden 1697-1718, born in 1682. The sign by the tree tells me he played under this oak when he was a child!
The tree stands by the Karlberg Palace.