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måndag 19 augusti 2013

Gotland: a lot of other botanic experiences

The mild climate on Gotland makes it possible to grow a lot of trees from warmer countries and climates. Here are some that I found interesting to see: (because I don't normally see them)

In the botanic garden in Visby - a zelkova tree!

Also in the botanic garden - a japanese magnolia, the seeds.

By the city wall: mulberry!

Over my head on some cafe: some kind of walnut...

In the forest: clematis vitalba.

Now I am getting less certain of the species, but this must be a laburnum with seeds.

And on these two last pictures I don't know at all what it is!  Maybe somebody can tell me.

Gotland: pines

I love the bent and curved pines on Gotland. Lovely inspiration!

Here the pine is actually growing like a carpet on the ground. I had never seen that before.

This one, in front of the wall: an umbrella bonsai!

Gotland: Ivy

I have just come home from a vacation week on Gotland in the south of Sweden. It has a totally different climate from ours here in the north!

 Above is my ivy bonsai. Not very big!
 Ivy is a sign plant of Gotland. My little specimen, kept indoors all year, never has any flowers but this week I got to see the ivy flowers - or at least flower buds:

Ivy was growing over all kinds of trees, walls, houses and ruins:

Here it is on a dead spruce.

- Here on a pine, the pine's branches sticking out.

It makes a really fascinating "weave"  around trunks and on whatever it is growing over!