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söndag 5 juni 2016

I have started

I have started repotting my outdoor trees!

It is time to get them out of the ground.


I am very happy to get this aspen tree in a bonsai pot for the first time. I have had it for long, always only in a plastic bowl or something similar. I think this pot was not too bad for the tree.

In the bonsai society we were making pots earlier this spring, and these are my creations. (One is missing in the picture.) I wanted to try different shapes and styles, all the time aware I can't make anything "professional"...

This one was painted with  manganese dioxid. I made the surface rough, then painted with the oxide and washed away most of it before the pot was burnt again. I thought the dark colour would stay only or mostly in the crevices, like a pattern, but the result is more evenly dark coloured. Darker than it looks in the picture.

This one is made in the same way, and see: I have put my small willow in it!

I don't know any more which side is the front...?  Here are three suggestions...