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söndag 22 december 2013

Midwinter solstice

Two pictures from yesterday - the shortest day of the year. From now we will look forward to the sun coming back and the days being longer again!

I have two camellias and they developed one flower bud each in the autumn when they were still outside. When it was too cold I took them inside, and in late November one of them burst, the other one fell off.

The weather has been really up and down, up and down. The snow has come and gone so many times I can't count them. One day is snowy and cold, the next day is warm and rainy. One result of that is that the roads are slippery like glass!

And for a couple of weeks we have had reindeers around the house. I live in constant fear that they come in the garden... But my bonsai trees are pretty well protected behind the fence!