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måndag 23 maj 2016

Annual yamadori with the society

Yesterday was the day for the annual yamadori with the bonsai society. This year we had this fantastic weather! And this fantastic landscape!

We went to a rocky area, mostly looking for pines, as we always do - but finding a little of this and a little of that!

I love these great big old pines.

We collected all together more than 20 trees: pine, spruce, birch, aspen and juniper are represented here.

My own findings (after putting them in soil here at home today!!!): first a pine with a low branch - probably I will save only that branch and cut away the top of the tree.

A super-tiny little pine.

Finally an aspen with two trunks. Perhaps I will keep both trunks and use this as a twin-trunk, or perhaps I will just keep the left one, which is more interesting than the right one.

Putting these three in pots is the only out-door potting I have done so far this year. I really must start lifting my other bonsai from the ground and repotting soon, for the spring is coming so quickly!

PS. TV-programmet "Träden berättar" var ju inte riktigt så spännande som jag önskade att det kunde ha varit... tyckte jag. Jodå jag gillade berättelserna om de två platanerna, men innehållet skulle egentligen bara ha räckt till en kvarts kortfilm... Det kändes löjligt när man fick höra samma historia berättas om igen av en ny person, och det hände flera gånger i filmen!  


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