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lördag 18 april 2015

Indoors, still.

 Worked on my variegated ficus today.

And my ivy.  I would want the low branch to become stronger on this one.

Pomegranate with flower buds, maybe they are not visible in the picture?

Here the flower buds are more clear to see. Now when I see the picture I think this pomegranate will be repotted on an angle the next time, so that both trunks will be leaning to the right instead of one to each side...

Here is also a picture of my hollies. They have been overwintering in the garage, I took them outside today as it is pretty warm (10 degrees C). They are full of flowers! 
I love the shiny green leaves, and one time many years ago I thought I would make bonsai of them... What a joke. I hardly want to repot them or pick up a fallen leaf from the soil, because they hurt my fingers...


onsdag 15 april 2015


A salix from this morning's walk.

tisdag 14 april 2015

Typical in april

We thought spring was on the way... We were so wrong. Now winter is back.

onsdag 8 april 2015


Ficus with big trunk! Much bigger than any of my other ficuses, which are all made from cuttings. (This one I bought in this size.) The branches are not very much to brag about, but at least I'm pleased the tree is developing in a good direction. Below is an old picture:

I wrote about it in february 2011.

My judas tree is NOT developing in a very good direction! Some branches have died in the winter, this is how it looks today!

And a picture from behind the house: My outdoor trees are still (half) under the snow...

Close to the house the snow has melted away and I have found the first tussilago (coltsfoot)!