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lördag 30 maj 2015

Few trees up from the ground

The weather has not been on my side, always raining on my work-free days... Today it looks better - but I have to go to town today, so will not have time for digging, I think. All rivers are flooded and the fields are so wet the farmers can not start spring sowing. 

So most of my outdoor trees are still in the ground. This larch and my birch is what I have taken up since my last posting on this blog...

tisdag 19 maj 2015

A day out

On Saturday I went out with the Bonsai society for yamadori. We do it every year in May, we have made it into a tradition! This year we took the chance to walk over an area where there are plans to make a ski slope (easy to get permission to dig up trees there). The view is over the lake Tavelsjön.

It looks a little like somebody has left garbage bags in nature... but this is instead our findings, with their roots wrapped in plastic bags! There are mostly pines, but also one spruce (to the left) and I know one birch was also found, but it's not in the photo.

I took this pine. Not very big, not very spectacular...

And when I came home and had to take out soil and tools and pots -  my hands already dirty -  I decided to dig up two trees from the ground and put them in their pots. The first for this year. Two salix.

måndag 4 maj 2015

Green and brown needles

The snow is gone and I can see my outdoor trees again after the winter! The majority looks good.

But two of the pines are all brown, or should I say "rusty". I think they are dead and I will have to throw them away. I can not be sure of the cause, but I believe it is a pine-desease - I should probably worry for the rest of the pines (?)...

The large aspen behind our house is full of flowers! 
I have learned this about aspen: each tree is either male or female, both male and female trees produce catkins - and they look a little different. According to my flora-book the female catkins are 10-18 cm and male catkins 8-10 cm.

But it's impossible to see the size of the catkins when they are so high up in the air! 

Then there is still one thing I don't know. Must the tree reach a certain age before it starts flowering? For I can't remember having seen this tree flowering before. Or I have forgotten. (Does it happen one year now and then? - and not the years between?) The other aspen tree behind our house does not have any catkins - maybe because it's younger???

One other thing I have read about aspens is that they form "clones" - many trees growing from the same root system - genetically identical. Here is one,  for a bonsai enthusiast very interesting, aspen clone I walked by yesterday: heavily grazed by moose to shape these dwarfed trees!
I must go back to this place for yamadori...

My semi-hardy trees can come out in the sun now and then. The nights are still very cold (this night was -6 degrees C).

Here is seen zelkovas and japanese maples.