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fredag 11 mars 2016


 Views change around my house from day to day depending on the weather. Also my trees are beginning to change - to show signs of life. I mean my garage trees.
 My maples had a hard time last summer and were frozen when we had a really cold night in June. Yes I did write about it here. The three maples are now 1) one super-tree, picture above - leaves sprouting out, 2) one hesitating, I can see only a few leaves but think it will live, and 3) one that does not show any signs of life at all yet.

The vigorous tree in the picture is the one that was most severely damaged by rats. It is obviously a superhero.

The outdoor trees are still asleep under the snow, you recognize the winter storing place here under the spruce.

Zooming out, this is he gloomy view of Wednesday afternoon.

Same view, thursday morning! On a day like this, if feels possible to get out of bed.

Still Thursday morning, a bit more to the west. All trees have branches covered in snow!

Finally today, Friday. It was so warm during the day yesterday that the snow melted from the trees. (To the right in the picture are the same spruces as in the previous picture.) From one day to another it changes from looking like mid-winter to looking like spring!

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