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torsdag 23 maj 2013


May means (for me) taking trees out of the house! I put them on both sides of the house, trying to protect them from most of the wind. The leaves that have developed inside are really weak and soft and can tolerate nothing... Here are my zelkovas, elms, ginkgo and two small cotoneasters. Picture below: maples, growing wild to "gain weight"!

The flowers on my judas tree have developed into seeds! Can they really be fertile seeds? I mean the tree has been "single" - there is no father-tree involved, but maybe it can polllinate itself?
The only way to find out is to sow the seeds!

My outdoor-trees are still in the ground - haven't had time to start with them.

I took this picture to show how fast the spring changes into summer around here: the birch-tree is green before the snow has melted away!

Today: The grass and the birch-trees are green, and the aspen tree will be soon...

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