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torsdag 11 april 2013


The "season of repotting my garage-trees" is not over yet... I do a tree now and then when I get the time for it. Some trees are still left in the garage waiting to come inside where it's warm so they can start growing. This is an ulmus that has been inside for some weeks now - full of leaves!

Below is a picture I took this morning, it is the "standard view" from my kitchen window with our barn and the lake. As You can understand  I don't have to do very much with my outdoor trees just now... They are still covered under the snow.

Omplanteringssäsongen fortsätter med ett träd då och då. Så här lövad är en av almarna efter några veckor inomhus (eller egentligen i den halvsvala farstun). Fortfarande träd kvar i garaget som jag hoppas hinna med snart... Nedan en bild från imorse, utfarten ner till vägen och sjön i bakgrunden; som alla förstår så behöver jag inte jobba så mycket med utomhusbonsaierna ännu! Vi har fortfarande rätt mycket snö.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, how many mounth in a year do you have a growing season? Keeping the trees out there is something copletely different as in tropic :-)
    Wish you the best!

    1. Yes I know the conditions are quite different to more southern countries... I expect to be able to see my outdoor trees in may! Usually I take them out of the ground in may/june. Then put them down again in october.
      I don't know why I started this hobby really...

    2. Well living in Finland my situation is basically the same. Native trees are rather easy to grow everywhere, there probably is not much difference. We just have long periods to do something else up here. Like indoor bonsai ;). I actually quite enjoy this forced period of outdoor bonsai inactivity. I find it's not at all a negative thing to live in the north, its just different.

  2. This is really a short growing period. You need 2 or 3 human lives to build your trees :-)
    Another way, Sweden nature must be fantastic. I admire your wild woods.