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tisdag 15 september 2015

Bonsai Umeå 2015 - my workshop tree

I participated in the workshop with Takahiro Mori on Saturday. I had brought this pine, seen here from two different sides. It has a nice trunk with rounded curves, but an ugly root. (Very common among my trees collected from rocky areas!) At the moment it is growing almost horizontally. I have never been able to decide what to do with it.

First I was instructed to clean the tree, take away all old needles. On each tip only a small tassel of needles is left. Mori put the tree in a box to look at it more upright.

I wired the tree while Takahiro worked on the other trees.

Then he put it up in an upright position like this again. There is a straight part in the middle of the trunk which he means should look shorter if the tree is positioned so the straight part is pointing backwards rather than to the right or left.

Finally he put the branches in shape, and this is the result. A bunjin tree. The pot is standing on one side, so when I repot the tree next spring I have to put the tree in this upright position. The ugly root is supposed to be taken away. In the long term...

Picture of the tree taken in sunshine when I came home.
I will be needing one more bunjun pot!

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