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söndag 19 juli 2015

This year's vacation tree pictures...

 I have to follow my habit to look at trees as soon as I'm away from home! This time I have been to an area close to the Swedish high mountains.  (Hornavan-Sädvajaure.)   (My friends were mostly interested in fishing, while I was looking at trees and plants...)

There were some really old  pines, and they were all covered with these brown hanging lichens.

This pine is not only old - it's dead... But you can see how powerful it has been once.

The spruces in this area are tall straight with extremely short branches in the top. This way they protect themselves from being harmed by heavy snow in the winter.

Then there were the birch forests, the willows...
- and the mosquitos...
 Compare the look of these dwarfed birches with the proud ones along the birch avenue in my home area!


Menyanthes trifoliata


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