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söndag 1 februari 2015

Cancelled meeting

To meet with friends that share your interest is nice, for example in a bonsai association! When I go to bonsai meetings it is in Umeå, and it was meant to be today, the first meeting this year. The weather stopped us again! (The cold temperature stopped us in February 2012.) Today it is not particularly cold but it's snowing, and has been snowing all night - together with strong winds it makes roads and streets difficult for traffic... At first I planned to go anyway ("nothing will stop me this time"), and my husband went out to clear the way down from the house - then my bonsai friend called and told me the weather was too bad also in Umeå.
Instead I have repotted a maple that was beginning to grow, see first picture: you can see a few small leaves coming out! It is the tree that was attacked by rodents in the autumn - I can just hope it will survive, but I really don't know.

Snowdrifts up the windows...

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