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tisdag 4 november 2014

Uninvited guests!

What's with these two plants then? I took them out of the garage and now I think I will keep them here in the vestibule for some time.

The reason is I found that they had been attacked by rodents! Picture above: my only living small leaf elm. Don't want it to die. Picture below: a Japanese maple. It looks like it has been debarked all around, but  there is still a little bark left on the other side. Actually, this tree has survived rodent attack before: see this post! (The maple bark must have an especially good taste, as the animals have chosen them both last time, and this time, among all different sorts of trees in the garage.)

I have painted over the damaged parts and now hope for the best.

Those guilty of this crime have been punished: So far we have trapped four little animals in this kind of trap. My husband says three of them are voles and one is a mouse. I have a feeling there will be more of them coming in, it is that sort of a year, obviously. 
Don't we have a cat? Yes we have a cat! We have tried to leave Hanibal in the garage sometimes, but unfortunately I must say he has not done his job properly...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Looks bad.. I once had a mouse city in my winter quarters. Nests in the pots, piles of poop in the other pots. All fine twigs were used as a nesting material. I lost all maples I had, plus some other trees not worth mentioning. After that I made present system, kind of huge wooden box with a steel net all over. Also top is covered. No mouse attacs after that. I try to keep all deciduous trees there.

    1. Yes it makes you hate those animals, doesn't it! The idea with a box is good, maybe I must really make something like that.
      The number of killed animals is now seven.