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torsdag 31 oktober 2013

Last day of october!

October: nature is preparing for winter. All leaves have dropped.

 My outdoor trees are in the ground for the winter. Here you can see the great improvement since last winter: how we have fenced in the bonsai with a high metal net! To stop the moose from climbing over and on the small trees. I hope it will keep the stupid animals out!
It was actually my husbands idea, so I must thank him for that. And even more, I should thank my son and his friend, that did all the hard work!

Maples and elms are in the garage, have been there for about two weeks now. Not all leaves had dropped before I took them inside, but they will fall on the floor...

 And in the house my indoor trees keep on growing. This one needs a lot of shaping and wiring. I hope to have time in the spring to work on all trees that I have neglected this year during my studying.

Here is a flower I got as a present this summer. It's sold under the name holarrhena pubescens "Snowflake". But when I tried to read about it, I found some confusing data... So maybe this is instead a  Wrightia antidysenterica?
Anyway, the name doesn't matter to me, it has beautiful little white flowers, and who knows - maybe it's possible to make a bonsai out of this plant?

I also want to say I am happy to see that people visit my blog even when I don't post so often! I had the intention to post at least once every month, but obviously I missed September - and almost October too...

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  1. Ser att du omgärdat dina raringar på ett annat sätt nu. Det var rejälare än de röd/vita banden.
    Jag och min syster har gett upp hoppet om att få till varsin bonsai, så det blir nog så att syrran får beställa hem ett par till hos genom sin butik.
    Må så gott och kram till dig - nu ska jag gå vidare till virkbloggen.