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tisdag 11 juni 2013

Started digging

Finally I have got time to start taking my trees out of their winter storing in the ground. 
After three weeks of super nice, super sunny, super hot weather we had this bad weather yesterday when I was out digging! Thunder, heavy rain and hail! My normal luck I guess.

(Wheather has been better today.) Here is one of today's achievements: the spruce. After many years in plastic or other scrappy growing container I have today put it in a bonsai pot! Maybe not the perfect one but better than anything I have used so far for this tree. Now I hope I haven't cut off too much of the roots... You can see the big cut-off part hanging out to the right - I think it looks quite good as it has the same direction as the branch.

I tried to count the rings on the cut-off part of the root, and I think the tree is over a hundred years old...
I have had it since 2004, when I found it on a nearby mountain.

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